Metahuman physical animation causing weird mesh deform

Hi there,

I have tried to set up a physical animation for a metahuman. I followed the official documentation to retarget the skeletal mesh. Using mannequin animations from the marketplace works like a charm. However, when setting up physical animations the mesh is deforming in a very ununiform way.

On th picture you can see an example. This is a kick animation being played while simulating physics. The deformation of the chest seems to be caused by the rotating spine bone. No matter which animation, it is always effecting the chest area, so I guess it has something to do with the retargeting of the spine bones.

Also, I don’t quite understand the Physical Animation mechanics. What factors are dertemining the “power” of the individual bone transforms? Some bones (for example fingers and spine in this case) seem to be effected way more then the leg bones during this physical kick animation.

I hope you can point me towards the right direction!