Metahuman lookat target is altering my animations


I’m trying to use metahuman characters professionally but I’m unable to nail the workflow that would actually work as desired when using pretty standard workflows.

I’m using facial mocap Dynamixyz/Faceware, then I make some cleanup and adjustments afterwards / all of that in Maya. At this point it looks great.

I’ve made custom body for the character and attached metahuman head to it. Character uses cleaned mo-cap animation. Again, everything works like a charm. No problems here.

After successfully importing animations to UE4 sequencer what I have is facial animation + partial body animation for the metahuman head (necessary for neck and shoulder animation) + body animation for the custom body skeletal mesh. Metahuman head is being attached to the body so it matches the body animation and this is where it breaks.

Metahuman rig mess up predefined eyes animation because lookat target have an undesired offset. For instance, when you rotate the head itself, character keeps looking in the same direction. But that’s completely undesired since I already have precise lookats for my character which I hoped was plotted and wouldn’t be altered by the rig in UE4.

I guess my main question is: how to disable this offset. All I want is for the character to look where I animated it to look. I need it to be burned in, just like I would normally work with skeletal meshes or blendshapes.

Any ideas?

Hello! Can you answer my question? I beg you.