MetaHuman Creator's capabilities and workflow

Hello everyone,

I am an Unreal Engine developer and a member of digital human creation team in the company I work for. We are planning to create digital humans for various purposes, and currently investigating different methods for digital humans creation to find the most efficient way. MetaHuman Creator app looks quite promising and we would like get some detailed information about it. Can anyone please answer the following questions?

1- What is the workflow planned for MetaHuman Creator?

2- Will MetaHuman Creator be enough by itself to create a digital human with all its aspects such as its model, textures, bone system etc.? If not, in which part will it be included in the whole digital human creation workflow?

3- To which extent can we edit the content inside MetaHuman Creator?

4- Is there any technical documentation about MetaHuman Creator?

5- Is it possible to join the beta tests if there are any running at the moment? We are willing to give feedback for debugging while we are testing the app to see its capability.

6- Is there any official support contact from Epic Games’ MetaHuman team to direct these questions to? (I couldn’t find any, that’s the reason why I am posting these questions here)

We are looking forward to your answers since our plan will take shape accordingly.
Thank you in advance.

Not a lot of information available at the moment. But I’ve found this interview last week with Vladimir Mastilovic, VP Digital Humans at Epic Games. It contains some interesting information and answers about the workflow and the app itself. Some of your questions are partially answered by him.