Metahuman and Live Link app

Hi guys,

I watched some videos about integration between Live Link app, and Matehumans, to generate facial expressions. Some questions:

1 - In my case, I´m using a remote computer from Paperspace service ( As Live Link iPhone, and computer must be in the same network, do you know if has a way to record captured movements and apply later on Metahuman?

2 - For this specific use, do you know another app that should work in a better way?


Back to the Live Link app, is that a way to record face expressions and save them as video, or another kind of data to be imported in Unreal, and use it to transfer expressions to Metahuman?

I heard about an app called FaceCap. It records facial expressions and saves them in a animated 3D face mesh in FBX format. Is it possible to import this FBX, in Unreal, and make a retargeting to metahuman´s face?