Messed up Animations...

Hello to everyone who reads this,
I have extracted Meshes and Animations from Batman: Arkham Knight with UModel and converted them to FBX by using the UE3 UDK. Now I want to import these into the UE4-Editor but the Animations where completely messed up (and with completely I really mean completely).
I have absolutely no idea what happened because the UDK displayed the animations correctly (except some rotated ones but I thought I can correct this later). The Skeletal Mesh is fine and I was able to give it the right Textures etc.
I’ll put the Main Mesh, an example Animation and a Screenshot how the Animation looks in the UE4-Editor on my PC into the attached .zip-File (attaching gives me Database Error from the Forum, I’ve uploaded it here: I’ve removed the link because I do not want to get into any trouble because of some legal issues or similar).
I hope someone here is able to help me with this annoying problem.