Messagebus GDC plugin: ipad and pc not connecting using messagebus


we’ve been testing the GDC2016 communication plugin used in the McClaren demo with the purpose of using
an ipad as a controller/companion for a configurator and other projects.

So far we’ve been able to set up communication between any 2 computers in the network, with custom messages in both ways. This works really well.

We’ve set up remote compiling and have packaged and deployed the application on ipad air 2, but see no communication to or from the ipad. There is no connection.

My question is, can anybody help us in getting this connection, specifically someone who has got this plugin up and running? I’ve read a few weeks ago about security settings or parameters for the Ipad that would block these connections, but I cannot find this information again. On the pc version for instance, this only works when started in a bat file with the “-messaging” parameter added. Does the Ipad need something similar?

Are there any extra steps we need to take and might have overlooked?
Please ask for any information that would help in debugging this.