MeshSimplify.h crash

Hi all,
I have a project built with UE 4.25.4 with the binary version. It has some static meshes that are reduced with the UE LOD system.
I need to port the game on consoles now so I must compile the UE 4.25.4 source code. The problem is that the map crashes as soon as it is loading; the following check is failing.

void TMeshSimplifier<T, NumAttributes>::InitCosts()
for( int i = 0; i < edges.Num(); i++ )
float cost = ComputeEdgeCollapseCost( &edges* );
check( FMath::IsFinite( cost ) );
edgeHeap.Add( cost, i );

if I remove that check I got another failing check in float TMeshSimplifier<T, NumAttributes>::ComputeNewVerts( TSimpEdge* edge, TArray< T, TInlineAllocator<16> >& newVerts )

check( quadrics.Num() <= 256 );

Does the binary and source versions manage mesh simplification in different ways? Any tip on how to solve it?
Thanks in advance

We have the same issue. We had to rework assets every time to fix this.