Meshes spawned along spline invisible in build


I’m currently working on a networked multiplayer game, and created a tool in blueprints that spawns meshes along a spline (construction script only).

For some reason the meshes are visible fine in the editor (including play mode), but turn invisible in the build of the game. The collision of the spawned meshes is still there, but the meshes just don’t appear rendered. In other words, I’m walking into invisible walls.

Anyone have an idea what could be the issue or how I could go about troubleshooting this?

For reference, here’s a snippet of the BP:

And an example of something spawned with the spline (fences, in the build they’re invisible):

A couple questions:

Are they being added to a level that is packaged in the build?

Are the meshes being packages, can you manually place a few and see if they work?

  • We’re using world composition, with a big open world map that’s divided into several “sub-levels” (seperate landscapes/levels) that get streamed in and out as the player walks accross the map. The spline is being placed in those sub-levels
  • Manually placing the meshes works correctly, they show up in the build. It only messes up when they’re being spawned on the spline

Thank you for your time