Meshes make one big mesh

Hello guys,

I was wondering, I am trying to make something like puzzle in my game but I am unable to, what I mean, I have 6 meshes, on all of them different pictures and if user puts them in right place it opens a door. My question is, if any1 have any idea how to start with it? like how could I make something that I could move only on certain position and if I get it put together in right order then it would trigger something like opening a door. Any clue?
Similar to what Resident Evil has, like move some statutes in the right direction and then it triggers something.

Any idea? :frowning:

Resider You may be able to setup the pieces as objects with a code or blueprint that is looking for the objects in a certain order. This would allow the objects to be placed and once set it could open the door. If C++ is used you could do an if then statement that checks if “object placed here” then door opens but do it as if all the objects are being checked. I think you could also blueprint this as a huge object check as well. This should work. I know this was posted a long time ago but I just got on the Forums

Thank you guys! this sure helped :slight_smile: