Meshes importing too small from Content Browser

Hi guys,

I have a weird issue today.

Some background; I’m making a historic building in 3DSmax and bringing into UE4 via level imports. So everything lines up exactly where it should and I don’t need to worry about positioning anything. I use inches as a unit in 3DSmax for accuracy reasons. When my level imports right into the scene the scales are exactly how I built them.

Then came the time I tried to make interactive doors. So I figured there is no easy way to make animated interactive doors if they are part of a level import. Doors like to work if they are set at the 0,0,0 co-ordinates. I altered my pivot so that it is in the corner of the door where it would swing. However, when I imported into UE4 and dragged from the content browser, the door and its frame were about 1/3 the size they should have been.

I did some more testing. I went into my level import files, selected one of the meshes that is already in the scene as part of the level import (and scaled exactly how I built it), but when I drag them into the level again they are also scaled down.

I did some playing around, matching the export units in Max and the import units in UE4, switched them around etc but this did nothing to change the scale when I dragged them in. The doors for instance are exported as 1:1 scale. All scale parameters are set at 1 in all 3 axis. Nothing changes this at all. No methods alter the fact my door is tiny.

When I decided to try getting an animation working anyway with my tiny door to see if it would work the door’s pivot reset to the centre, but that’s another issue and post entirely.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?