Meshes fade to black

Hi everyone, I’m working on a commercial flight simulator and I ran into a very bizarre problem. I have a mixture of static and skeletal meshes inside of a plane all set to movable and I have some static lighting, and a directional and sky light set to dynamic lighting only. When the airplane is on the ground everything is lit just fine, however the plane takes off and sits still in the air, until i press the button for it to land. When the plane sits in the air for about a minute however, the dynamically lit-only meshes (and static meshes that don’t have lightmaps currently) fade slowly to pitch black. The airplane isn’t moving, and neither are any of the lights. I have no idea as to what’s causing these to fade to black, but all of the statically-lit meshes appear fine. Landing the airplane back to the ground doesn’t allow the black meshes to fade back into color. I am so confused as to why this is happening and any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!