Meshes and mateials. Fundamental understanding.

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I have some questions about how the computer reads varoius info for optimizing purposes.

  1. When the computer loads a level, does it read all the vertices for each frame, or read upon loadup/creation, or just concentrating on the ones in the wiew?

  2. Let’s say i make a rack of clothes each containing 20 jerseys with cloth hanger on each one of them.
    Would the performance benefit from me cutting away the unseen parts of the cloth hanger (the part inside the jersey).

  3. Also when seen from far distance, and the jerseys are primarily hidden behind one another, does the computer read all of them, or only the visible parts.

  4. Now lets say i create a store with 30 racks (30 racks x 20 jerseys = 600 jerseys x 200 verts =120.000 verts) Is there a way to reduce the amount of verts/CPu power used, or is it just by doing low poly LOD?

  5. And how many verts is recommended as a max pr. scene/view (Regarding on how the computer process them according to previous question)

  6. How much does materials affect? I use a good amount of metallic materials. When rendered i guess these are more comsuming than a regular material? Any beginner tricks to reduce material CPU usage?

Know that the questions can’t be answered with specific numbers, but am more asking just to get an understanding of it.

Ty :slight_smile: