Mesh: Vertex blend between shapes.

I might just be searching under the wrong name.

If i got two meshs, for simplicty sake a cube, and also the same cube reshaped into a romb.
If i export both, is there a way to blend between them trough the material or blueprint system?

Is vertex indicies stored etc in a way that makes this possible or are there other ways?

Writing an ordinary shader one would just upload both sets of meshs to the GPU and supply a blend value and return the position based on that scale between A and B.

I realize this could cause an issue for the normals if they are not recalculated.

I don’t know about blueprints but in the material you can do this by using the World Position Offset input or the World Displacement input with tessellation.
It’ll depend on your specific meshes how to use these. For simple deformations you might use some math functions, for complex/irregular deformations you can bake a vertex displacement map in an external app to use it in the material. You can also bake the vector displacement map to vertex colors.

Afaik there are 2 ways implemented in UE4:
Static Mesh Morph Targets
FBX Morph Target Pipeline

Thanks S-ed. It was a specific transform between to states of a mesh that I meant, just like you showed there.

Thanks mAlkAv!An for the suggestion even if it wasn’t what I was looking for.