Mesh Rotation view

Just something I noticed as a new user, that would be very helpful.

When viewing a material, you have a viewport with a point light, and you can rotate the “object” easily and get a feel for how it looks.

When viewing a mesh though, your jarred back into the engine’s default viewport view, and have to use a multitude of keys and mouse buttons and travel to see the mesh from different angles.

I couldn’t find an option to view mesh’s any differently, no rotate mesh instead of camera, but there may be one…

If not, is there anyone working on a mesh view?

(This is totally unimportant, in the grand scheme of things, but it annoyed me enough to mention it) :slight_smile:

Alt+LMB drag orbits around the mesh, in the same way the material viewer works by default.

Michael Noland

Wow, that’s so much better, :o
I think I must have tried all the combinations, sans Alt+LMB, and then went off into settings to see if anything was in there… oh well, maybe one of the 30odd views will be someone else who benefits from your time mentioning this Michael.

Sheepishly goes off to re-read some basic tuts again, and sees it’s “Maya-style” Navigation, (not having used Maya, feel a little better)

I’m sure you have thought of this and discussed it, but would it be more fluid to have the same (control methodology) in all viewports? Material, Particle, Mesh.
It seems the one I like best (Material) is the odd one out, but I suppose it’s down to usability, when viewing a material you only really need to rotate it, so that’s the best option to have for the LMB, hrm, guess things are best the way they are. :smiley:

Goes off to assign ALT to mouse button 4, and vows never to waste a developers time again…