Mesh particle collision not working when rendering sequence

I’ve set up a sequence where a tank gets blown up. I can play this sequence back in the editor just fine and everything works like I want it to, but when I render the sequence to video, one of my spawned mesh particles ignores the collision box I’ve set up for it and simply falls through it.

The mesh particle itself has an Actor Collision module applied to it with the collision type set to PhysicsBody, and the collision box in the scene is a regular cube mesh that has PhysicsActor enabled under Collison Presets. I’ve keyed just about every relevant property I could find (Simulation generates hit events, Collision Enabled (Body Instance)) yet the mesh particle always falls right through the box as if it wasn’t there. To make sure that wasn’t the case; I’ve also tried assigning my collision box with a visable material while rendering it to make sure it actually was in place, and true enough; It’s right where it should be with the mesh particle just flying right through it.

The whole thing seems extra peculiar as the mesh particle collides as it should when I simply play back the sequence in the editor; This problem only arises when I actually render it out to video. Any ideas?