Mesh paint on Texture and Channels


Currently trying to figure out why Channels in the paint tab are ignored when selecting the Textures mode in the top of the panel. The channels are working just fine when working in Vertices mode.

I’ve looked at the code and it seems that when working with painting vertices, the channels are modifying the color in the FEdModeMeshPaint::PaintVertex function (calculating the variable ‘NewColor’), but the same is not being done in the FEdModeMeshPaint::PaintTexture function. Instead, the bWriteRed/Green/Blue parameters are passed along to the shader (\Engine\Shaders\MeshPaintPixelShader.udf), which doesn’t seem to do anything with it.

Is this by design? It seems odd to me that the channels are still in the GUI, but they’re not actually being used when applying the color when painting.

(Using 4.6 with various important patches)