Mesh in character blueprint not visable


I have a blueprint that works fine in UE4.12, but when moved to UE4.13 the mesh is invisible in viewport, editor and in play mode, but returns in the packaged project (win 32 and win 64).

If I change the mesh, set visibility etc, nothing helps. I had another non-character blueprint where I had the same problem, deleting the mesh and re-adding it solved the issue, but you cannot delete the mesh in the character blueprint because it is inherited…

I have guess rebuilding the blueprint would work, this will take a long time because of the number of variables and complexity of the blueprint.

Has anyone seen this problem or have any suggestions on this?


Hey I had a similar problem a while ago switching from 4.10 to 4.13. I ended up just having to re-import the character mesh, then just basically reattached it to everything that it’s referenced in. Hope it helps.

Seems that the blueprint was bugged, so I recreated it, replace all the references, it took a couple of hours but got there in the end…