Mesh from Blender to UE4 - Normal map showing shading on each poly

I’ve import a mesh created in Blender to UE4 and I’m trying to get Normals working. I baked the normals using xNormal and they look fine when applied within Blender, but in UE4 I can see each face. I’ve tried a bunch of different settings and modifiers but haven’t had any luck, any ideas? I’ve attached some screenshots of the results in Blender vs UE4, the shader nodes in each, and the baked normal map. Thanks

Is the mesh skeletal?
If so, your light needs to be properly setup and your mesh/project settings need to allow for recompute skin cache options and a bunch of other things to get proper light on it. Particularly if you have morphs running.

If not, try to output tangent from normal and disable the option in the material. See if that forces it…