Mesh Distance Field Visualiser broken in 4.13?

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a project in 4.13 and I wanted to try the Ray Traced soft shadows. I had enabled the Generate Mesh Distance Field in the project settings and restarted the editor.

When i turn on Ray traced shadows on a point light, the shadows completely disappear. And when I try to Visualise the Mesh Distance Field, The viewport doesnt change and I get a message in red saying “Distance Field AO is disabled through scalability”

I tried the same project on 4.14 preview and the Mesh Distance fields work fine. Is there a bug in 4.13? or is something up with my local install of the engine?

Hi Abeysaurus,

There hasn’t been anything wrong with the mesh Distance Field Visualizer that I’ve seen on my end.

If you’re getting a warning that DFAO has been disabled via scalability, you’ll want to make sure that your Engine Scalability settings are set to EPIC. The different Mesh Distance Field options only work when settings are on EPIC.


DUH! That was it… I think I might have hit Auto when the Engine prompted me when the FPS dipped sometime. Works fine. Thanks