Mesh Decal appearing strange with raytracing on 4.23

I’ve got a simple quad plane offsetted from the main mesh to prevent zfighting with a deffered decal material, which blend mode is set to translucent. With RTX reflection ON, it seems like the back of the quad plane reflecting back with full white and with RTX translucency ON it seems like zfighting happening on the translucent parts and the normal map is also mess up. If i turn off RTX its ok. Could you help me what is the problem or mesh decal not supported yet with RTX? Its working if i using simple decal.

Mesh Decal on left and simple decal on right with the same material applied.

I have same issue. Is that Ray Trace current limitation or bug?

I have the same problem with 4.25 as well, did you found any solution? Is this a limitation, anyone have an idea?