Mesh data particles pointing upwards regardless of parent rotation?

Hey guys!

I have little problem and need to ask for help.

Let’s say I have a blueprint - rocket that flies all around in different directions. Inside of that blueprint I have mesh particle emitter, which is emitting little squares (for example). Is there any way to make those square particles always pointing upwards (make them laying flat) regardless of that rocket rotation?

I need them to be sticked to the rocket as well (I’m assuming “use local space” should be checked) and I need to spawn every particle with certain rotation, regardless of whether the rocket is going down, to the left or forward (particles should be “standing still” without inheriting any rotation at all, and fly along with the rocket)

Green object on picture below is exactly what I need:

I’ve been looking for solution for couple hours now but couldn’t find anything that would help. I was trying to do it myself but don’t know how to combine “use local space” and PSA Velocity alignment.

Thanks for any help. Have a nice day :slight_smile: