"Mesh Data"-Particle neither use Mesh-LODs nor can be changed in Emitter-LODs

I emit “Mesh Data”-Particles and want to use LODs for them to make them cheaper in the distance (I do NOT want just reduce the spawn-rate, I want to reduce the polygons!).

I added LODs to the static mesh but Cascade doesn´t care about them. I tested in Play-Mode, added LODs to the particle-system, set distances … nothing helps.

I had another Idea: I could export my LODs as separate FBX files and then add these in the Required-Module in my Particle-LODs. Result: Doesn´t work.

Cascade never switches to another mesh. Is this a bug, a feature or an error made by me?

Hi iLegacy,

Thank you for pointing this out. This seems to be a bug that I have reproduced and logged a report for it here:

You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff.


Ed Burgess

Pretty much everything in Cascade is broken, however what you are asking wouldn’t work anyway. The reason is because the LOD’s for particles stick after they have been spawned. So if you are 100m away from the effect and the mesh particle is 4 polygons, then suddenly the player moves his camera up to the particle from 1m away, that “LOD” isn’t going to be switched UNTIL IT’S RESPAWNED. Ie. what you are asking would work (in theory, if wasn’t broken) if the camera moves very slow in your game of if the mesh particles have short lifespan, but for many cases your workaround wouldn’t be recommended.

In other words, “I added LODs to the static mesh but Cascade doesn´t care about them” I wish THIS was fixed instead, would have been awesome.