Mesh Corruption

I launch the game without errors. But when I run the game on my Android device, I see my building having strange looking, and it looks as if its mesh get distorted. However, when I play the scene on my computer, it looks fine. How do I fix this?
Android Screenshot.png
Computer Screenshot.png

This might be a texture problem. Did you use a texture format compatible with your device? Try packaging for ETC1 (supported by all) and see. Other possibility is the UVs are out of range; mobile devices usually use lower precision than desktop GPUs so you should try to keep near 0.0 to 1.0 range and don’t wrap too much.

Thank you for your reply. After breaking my building into several smaller meshes, I fix the glitch. At first, I import the whole building in just one static mesh, it has lots of elements in its LOD0. So I assume that the Android device just can’t handle this much of elements in one single static mesh.

It could be the number of vertices. Mobile uses 16-bit indices so you are limited to 65536 vertices per buffer.