Mesh Clip Issue! [need help]

Hi there, I’m having an issue with the static mesh’s in my map [mainly when moving around their corners]. When i move around a mesh, the outside of the mesh flashes for an instance showing the outside of the level. I assume that this is a rendering problem, but it could also have to do with the meshes being used. Would really love if someone could help me with this problem, because the meshes flash almost every 4 seconds making it unbearable to work with.

-Am using Infinity Blade Ice assets
-Using custom material (But it works fine on my other maps)
-Using Skylight
-Using Exponential Fog
-Flashing usually appears when moving under door pathways or the outside edge of the mesh

Here is a video of the problem (look along the edge of the doorway, you’ll see the flash):

It looks to me like something related to occlusion culling. Try disabling precomputed visibility and occlusion culling in the project settings to confirm or refute that this is the case.

They were actually turned off by default, so I don’t believe that is the cause. For curiosity I turned them ON, and nothing changed. I might also want to mention that I am using 4.10.

I believe that this is only being applied to the door mesh. I have gone into the other rooms and moved around and the flashing doesn’t appear. Only once I look through the door or near a door does the light seem to flash up. I’ll try replacing the doors and give you guys an update.

Here are new test results [all have failed]:
-removed Rough and Metal values from the material
-removed exponential fog
-changed lighting
-removed doors
-removed skylight
-turned off precomputed visibility and occlusion culling
-replaced door material

Okay it definitely has to do with the speed of the camera and the mesh. When my camera goes into the mesh at a high speed then the textures along the back don’t load properly, meaning that it must have something to do with the meshes rendering.

This is a new video showing the problem. [WARNING: there is A LOT of quick flashing] In the video I am moving the camera back and forth with my mouse, in-and-out of the wall mesh. In the back you’ll see that the walls don’t seem to render correctly until after I stop movement or I am out of the mesh.

[video]Bug #2 - YouTube

I still insist that your problem is related to occlusion culling. If I am not mistaken, it is always calculated based on previous frame, so what you are seeing is totally expected.

Is well know the Occlusion Culling is not the same super quality you can see in some other engine using external companies solutions that are focus only in this that cost money.

But probably a way to hack this is changing the objects visible radius. (But will take more resources)

What you see aren’t nothing but the back meshes that hide / show all the time and you see the background sky.

IT HAS BEEN FIXED!! I increased the bound scaling for the meshes in that particular room, and now it’s working perfectly. Awesome part is that its still staying at 60fps. Thank you guys for helping out, problem is solved.