Merging 3 textures inside a material

I’m having a little problem with a material and I’d like you guys to give me a hand.
So, I have 3 textures I want all of them to appear one on top of the other. Here’s my example:

Texture 1

Texture 2

Texture 3

And this is the final result I want. (Not what I actually want but this will work for the example)

If I do:

Texture 1 -> Multiply1 (Texture 1 RGB * Texture 1 Alpha)
Texture 2 -> Multiply2 (Texture 2 RGB * Texture 2 Alpha)
Add (Multiply 1 + Multiply 2)

I get the result I want, but only for the first two textures. If I try to add the third one to the previous Add, it doesn’t look the way I want.

How am I supposed to do this?

i am going to assume that you will want to be able to adjust the fill amount of the bar and as such would recommend against using a texture for that. instead you could try something like this:
you would probably want to remove any grey from your border texture so it does not influence the other colors.

This is what I use
You can combine first and second then the result and third.