Merged nvidia gameworks branches for UE 4.15


Anyone having the nvidia plugins (hairworks, flex, VXGI etc) merged in one project for UE4.15?

I got the branches for each plugin but am looking to get them implemented in one project instead of building UE engines for each. I cant afford the bandwidth required as well as my thinking that one can only use one plugin per project which would be unfortunate.


Try the fork discussed in this post:

Merging them isn’t actually too hard. I actually recommend doing it manually, though. It can be error-prone, but it’s the most long-term manageable way I’ve been able to reconcile issues that crop up while noticing an issue in the context of a change being made (because NVIDIA’s integrations are not perfect) that a merge never would have clued me in on.

Almost every single change in an integration can be found by just searching the solution for whatever the integration’s keyword is, like the volumetric lighting is:

// NVCHANGE_BEGIN: Nvidia Volumetric Lighting

Or (though this isn’t 100% reliable):


It can take about an hour or two to do manually, but it’s the best approach I’ve found. And just so you know what kind of custom fork I’m working with:

Wow impressive, some powerfully pimped engine you guys have developed here. Kudos. I want to ask if your public repo has the merged Nvidia gameworks branches? I am not good at coding really never have been. I am just trying to use UE4 powerful realtime rendering, sequencer and a host of other capabilities to make animated content. May have to learn code though but I am just into the visual graphics arts side of things and not game development. Any help possible?

There is no ‘official’ merged branch. If you dont want to touch the code & do the merging yourself, you will have to rely on other people doing it and sharing links to their github versions. And you will need to become familiar with how to download & compile these versions.

Personally since 4.16 has nice visual stuff in it like volumetric lighting/fog, I would wait until 4.16 final is out some of this nividia stuff gets updated and merged into a 4.16 branch. And in the meantime, just pick individual 4.15 nvidia branches that are available on github and feature the tech you are most interested in. Download one and learn how to build it. Learn the tech and how it is used in the demo scenes. Maybe try some others. Then wait for someone else to make the magic happen in one single version. edit - oops I reread your first post and it sounds like you already tried individual ones.