Merge pre-existing OBJ with a scene


I used skanect software to get a chip scan of an object (.OBJ) and I would like to know if CapturingReality allow to merge this .OBJ with my scene (like make some survey points using the mesh) and creating a better version using CapturingReality.

If yes what do you suggest like workflow?


Hi Balthazar Sahel

so you make a 3D model from Kinect in Skanect sw, and export 3D model out.

Then make images using DSLR align them in RC and import model from Skanect intro RC and texturize it or even improve the mesh ? What is teh subject of scaning ? Person or some architectural stuff ??

Hi Wishgranter,

Sorry for the delay,

The model is an ancient clock
I made 3D model from kinect in SSkanect and I exported indeed the 3D result as an OBJ.
After that I shoot the clock from many different angles with a DSLR (Canon Mrk II)

I would like to know if it would be possible to improve the existing model with RC or, failing that, just improve the texture of the mesh.

(The only way I found to do that it to faking it with a projection of photo directly on the mesh using Mari (the Foundry)

If you have an idea of workflow for my request, please tell me.

Thank you a lot anyway,




Dear Balthazar,

If you could export Kinect results to PTX, then you should be able to mix photos and Kinect data easily. PTX is a text format, which is easy to implement and it should not be a problem to make such convert. Please check with SSkanect this option.

I already checked it: skanect export in obj, stl, vrml or ply but not in ptx

Hi Balthazar Sahel

if the Scanect not export PTX then it need a lot of “trickery” :smiley:

In short need align the subject in RC and set PROPER scale to it. then recon evne not perfect model and export
align the Scanect OBJ to the RC result = position, orientation, scale
when you get the Scannect model aligned properly IMPORT it in RC and just use TEXTURE to get the images on your model.

Ask teh developer o Scanect IF they could implement PTX - E57 Export, as if they do it properly we could imoirt original data and work much easier with it…
Eventualy have some email contact on the developers ? so im could write them some info…