Merge MP Sessions with other Sessions?

Currently working on a Multiplayer Lobby system, and I really want to get something similar to what Gears of War does with it’s multiplayer system. Essentially as soon as you hit the menu, you can invite players to ‘join’ your session, at which point in teams of up-to five players you can find other sessions to join.

Has anybody had much experience doing anything like this? I’ve looked at the UT Hub stuff but it looks fairly different and it’s bloody hard to warp your head around for the not-so-seasoned pro. Can you merge MP sessions with other sessions but retain your ‘Party’ so-to-speak?

Any pointers or info regarding this would be mucho appreciated :slight_smile:

I haven’t played Gears of War multiplayer, when sessions get merged does it happen seamlessly or is there a loading screen or other transition? I think right now merging two multiplayer sessions requires having all players from one server join the other (or all players join a new server).

I am working on a multiplayer chat lobby where players can communicate without being in a “UE multiplayer session”, but we use a TCP connection to a central python server for that. We use it so all players can chat. We’re probably going to use the same approach for pre-match party creation, but in this case the players don’t see each other in a synchronized world until they join the actual game server. If you do want that, I’d still go for a custom TCP solution. It sounds like you need a external server at some point anyway to do matchmaking, then that server can keep track of the player parties.

Yeah there is a loading screen as it joins. It seems to be able to find other ‘searching’ lobbies, or other games in progress and then joins them. You’re still part of your own ‘Party’ though, and when the games up you all go back to the menu as a team and can talk to each other etc.

I’m just wondering how the underlying architecture is setup. There’s certainly a multiplayer session element to the menu, it creates a lobby immediately. The difficulty then is how to allow the server to browse and join sessions, and bring his team with him, and stay as a team.

Sounds like a external server would work in that case. Something like this, the game client automatically connects to the external server and the server tells the game client when to join a game server by IP or to go back to the lobby map. Any multiplayer elements like party members and party chat are handled by two-way TCP messaging (HTTP requests could work too). I’m very interested in hearing more people’s experience with this as well. :slight_smile: