Menu system w/ multiplayer (start server/server list/etc) STEAM based

As the title says -

Looking for a main menu with sub (in-game menu options)
The project is steam based, so, there should be a server list as well.
The ability for a player to create a server from the options
Options > server name, map, max players, other random flags (want to expose some other variables to select)
The ability to join via IP or list
List should have: server name (designated by the player), map, total players/max players, ping
Standard in-game options - except - “auto detect best settings” for video.

Just quickly thinking about it without going into big details - thats about it.

If you are interested, PM me and we can talk in more details.
Yes, this is a paid position
Yes, i will provide our current files so that you can easily add to current project, if that is easier for you (NDA will be signed in this case)

Thanks !

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