Menu Selection with Gamepad and ShooterGame Example Pause Menu


I currently have a Main Menu on game startup which works with a mouse cursor and selection. Ultimately I want there to be no mouse control, just selection through a gamepad but I’m finding it difficult to set up.

I found within the ShooterGame example that when playing with a gamepad it has the exact same controller setup for a menu that I want in my game although I cannot find where it is linked. I went into the PlayerPawn (or it may have been PlayerCharacter) and there weren’t any blueprint scripts in there. I clicked on Show Inherited which displayed a long list of things that the class is taking from but when I try to find references to where they are it says that there are no references - what?!

Couple of things then really: 1) Can anyone suggest a good way to setup a gamepad operated menu and 2) can anyone tell me how to access the menu funtions within the ShooterGame example?

Thanks ya’ll

Are you using UMG? There isn’t really any controller support in UMG right now, but is supposedly coming in 4.6