Menu Screen won't show up in final product

So I have made my custom menu screen, I fallowed the blue prints and done everything, so I package my product and It jumps right into the game, no menu screen?

I only have menus really in my project… this is what first loads it up. Hope it helps.

You may want to use a ‘Game’ or ‘Game and UI’ only node, as opposed to ‘UI’ only. :slight_smile:

don’t usually use that end node ‘Set Focus to Game Viewport’

is it needed here or should I ask what is it’s purpose & what does it do, thought the ‘Set Input Mode Game & UI’ focuses the widget or is it needed with the ‘UIOnly’ node?

just a question, still trying to get a complete grip on BPs, so thx

Sorry… don’t know. I’m new to all this also. I know that I picked it up either from the UE tutorials themselves or from a Twitch broadcast. Maybe someone else could chime in about it’s necessity?