Memory leak in 2.24 - after migrating 2.23 simple level and opening it in 2.24

It looks there is a memory leak in 2.24 and I would appreciate help if someone might have an idea how to get past it.

I’ve migrated very simple 2.20 level with just some landscape and nice sky and lightning settings into my existing 2.24 project.
Tried to added it as a child of my persistent level where my level cinematics and animations are but it took ages and program crashed.
This time I’ve tried to open that level separately and noticed extreme memory load, which was not the case if I open it in 2.20.
I opened my project in 2.23 to test if memory leak will be there also, but level opened fine this time. I was not able to use my existing levels as they were made in newer versions so I moved few things around on wanted level and seved it, hoping for memory leak to be fixed this way after saving that level in 2.23.
Opened project in 2.24 again but memory leak still there while opening level. Memory goes up to 20GB and Editor crash, while memory usage for that scene in 2.20 and 2.23 is only 2GB.

Any chance I can do something to prevent this memory leak? Or at least figure out what is causing it?