megascans blurry

Hi i downloaded all the canyon things from megascan which rly looks good from far but coming close its way to blurry to use it…am i missing smth?

When you download the asset, you can select the texture size you want to download as well. Most assets have a 8K map available, which is massively overkill for most realtime scenes, but good to have if you really need it.
Worth checking to see what size you downloaded, what size is loaded in game, and what Mip settings you have applied. All of these could cause blurriness.

If you’re getting really close to an asset, though, it’s going to get soft and blurry at some point regardless of resolution. Techniques like detail textures were invented to solve this problem, which you’ll need to add yourself.

There are more than a few reasons why a texture displays blurry. It could be something like a project setting, engine scale setting, or the lack of hardware specs as well the results differ between projects in editor or as a stand alone build. You don’t state specs you are running but a suggested mip could be an issue as to typical behaviour of looking good from a far. Another cause we discover is texture streaming can cause the same issues and you can switch it off in the project setting to see if that’s the problem.