Mega Grants Application - i´m i worthy?

Hi guys,

I´m pretty new to UE4 software and community and i´m really blown away with all the amazing capabilities on this wonderful engine.

As an architect and anything related with drawing lover i have a long time dream of** building the roman city that lies hidden in my hometown, Setúbal, in Portugal.**

Setúbal was in the 1st century the major production site of *garum, *a kind of sardine caviar and provided this product aswell as salt to the entire empire.

Having the knowledge of working with 3dsmax and other 2d and 3d softwares,i really believe that with UE4 i can build this time travel and give it away to the Setubal population.
With the help of local archeologists i allready have the urban design of the roman city of CETOBRIGA and just need to have some months “vacations” from my work as a city hall architect.

My question is:** Do you guys think that i can apply to MEGA GRANTS? **

I need the money so i can have time to build a truthfull and (un)believable level that could work with VR and mobile so that people could experience this level in the streets of my hometown and meet the city of their ancestors.

Thanks in advanced

There can also be local money available for this kind of project. Historical societies, chamber of commerce, local government, prominent local business, or wealthy individuals.

Go ahead and get it started so you’ve got something to show people.