Meditation VR -- One Day VR App

Hey Guys!

I’m working in a VR Game about Alien Abductions and also in a couple of small VR Experiences and Tests using UE4. One of the things that got me excited about VR is its potential to change the world for better.

I’m a Yoga, Meditation and other related stuff practicing. Meditation helped me and saved me many times in my life. That’s why I really wanted to do something with VR+Meditation!!

I made this simple but powerful meditation app in one day, using Unreal Engine 4. It’s based in chakra balancing kinda meditations but I plan to add more content to suit a wider range of meditation styles.



This is a 20 minutes powerful and relaxing meditation experience. Just hit Start and relax.

But, even with that, here are some “tips”:

  • I highly recommend to use headphones but… it’s not a must.
  • If you start to relax and you feel that you want to close your eyes, go for it! This experience is not about forcing you to mantain focus in what is happening around.
  • If you decided to close your eyes, and you feel that your mind is starting to lose focus and jumping into daily worries, just open your eyes and observe the enviroment… you will see how you regain your center!
  • I can never emphasize enough in how important breathing is. Don’t forget to breath!
  • Every chakra is situated in a specific part of your body. If you concentrate your mind and your breathing mirroring what you see in the meditation in front of you but in your body, you will discover a really nice and warm feeling.
  • The duration of this meditation is 20 minutes. It’s short enough to avoid fatigue and boredom and long enough to be effective. Try doing one meditation per day!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE! ~300MB Zip for Windows SDK 0.8


The zip file is hosted in Amazon Server and it’s possible that some browsers raise a warning of dangerous file (Chrome mainly). This usually happens when the zip contains an exe.
Of course, feel free to scan the file after download it before run the demo if you want to be sure ^^

System and SDK
Only Windows by the moment, sorry!
I developed it for SDK 0.8.0, I don’t think will work with pre 0.7.

(I’m sure that MeditationVR could be amazing on GearVR!! But I don’t have one of those to try so… maybe in the future :D)

What after this?

I’m planning to do additional scenaries and different type of meditations. Not everyone likes Chakras and Balancing Sounds, but most of people need to be transported to a relaxing experience due our super stressful daily activity.

So, I would love to add different meditations types and “levels”:

  • Forest Sounds, Bamboo Forest, Chinnese Music, etc
  • In the top of a mountain with relaxing wind.
  • In an alien planet with surrealist lights, similar to chakras.
  • Voice Guided Meditations (I would need a nice voice actor/actress).
  • Candle Focus Meditation
  • more and more!


I’m doing this in my spare time as something I like and, I hope, helps people to feel better and to find a peaceful place to relax and balance their minds.

So, Of course I would like to have your feedback and comments! Any issue report, suggestion, greetings, etc will be welcome!


A great idea is to use the enormous potential of EU$ for meditation in an interactive experience. Thank you for the argives…! downloading…! Thank you…! Namaste…!

Thank you…! Namaste…!