Medieval Mercenery Costume for FUSE

Arteria3d today release ‘The Mercenery’ costume for FUSE.
Mercenery Costume for FUSE

After download, simply unzip the FUSE files into the FUSE library folder, and they will appear in your FUSE Project as modular armour pieces, ready to be clothed onto your character. The pack features over 20 elements, including separate armour pieces, straps, fasteners, gloves, etc to customise your character as you wish.

The CostumePack contains:

•Tabard UnderClothing

Can be purchased for just $9.99.
Any unreal customer who purchases today can also choose another fuse costume for free, this applies today only.
As always, thanks to the mods for allowing us to post here, and also to our unreal customers.

Purchase below