MediaPlayer will not show video on other machines

Howdy howdy. I’m using a MediaPlayer as a material on a screen in my level. Everything runs perfectly on my machine, but when I send it to someone else for testing, their screen is blank. My movie is in Content/Movies. I have a feeling this has to do with the app looking for the movie in my user folder. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks so much.

Hey jessekirbs,

I have a few questions which you could answer to help me resolve your issue.

  • What configuration did you use when packaging your project? (Development, Debug, or Shipping).
  • Would you be able to test this issue in 4.9.2 or 4.10 to confirm it occurs there as well?

There were some known issues with this feature, and it is still considered experimental at this time according to our documentation. Let me know if you have further questions or comments.