Media (Video) Performance in VR

Hi! I’m working on a VR experience where we would like to make use of stereo360 video in the background. We’ve been testing a lot of different formats and compression options, but we are consistently running up against performance problems with the media playback in UE4. It causes juddering on even normal HD (1920x1080) video. We would like to be able to play back UHD res (3840x2160) without juddering. I know the media framework is still not final… but it has been in a bit of a ragged state for quite a while, and mp4 isn’t even supported in all cases. What’s the latest news on this?

I had to drop the quality of the video I am using to 720 for it to run smoothly.

I put in a question on Answerhub and staff got back saying they are aiming to improve it for 4.12

If you use h.264 you can probably make use of the GPU decode or intel’s quicksync asic available in every new intel cpu.

None of these in engine yet, but there are repositories to make use of the hardware if you’re looking to gain performance.
In VR the gpu has a lot of gaps where it can run compute stuff and should be able to easily handle the video in real-time.

Thanks for the info getnamo. We’ll look into this. And Thanks for the awesome Leap Motion Plugin! Is there a specific repository that has GPU Decode integrated, or is this all custom work?

SteveT, can you post a link to the AnswerHub question so I can bump it up?

You’re welcome, always great to hear about people using the plugins!

No current UE4 integration that I’m aware of but the repositories are C++ so it should be fairly straight forward to integrate. If you make a plugin for these, it could be quite useful to others as well.

Thanks! Looks like we are going to license Bink Video from Rad Game Tools to achieve UHD 360 video performance.