Media Player Error

I am receiving an error (but not a crash) when viewing a UMG widget with a media player component. The video plays but in the log I am receiving this error whenever I bring up the widget. It appears to be related to ResourceSize.h Line 193.
“The two resource sizes use different counting modes. The result of adding them together may be incorrect.”]

I am running a Dedicated Server (Null Subsystem). The client has more VGA than could ever be needed but I cannot say the same for the server (if related to this issue).

The file is MP4 (MPEG) and in the “Movie” folder.
The video is W432xH300.
The Media Source URL is local and “Play on Open”.
The BP widget OpenSource node was called in the “Event Construct” but I moved it. Both generate the error.

Any advice is appreciated.


I was able to resolve the issue by creating a material for each video and changing a setting in the material (Material Domain) to “User Interface” (since I am using this in UMG).