Media Player doesn't have sound in shipping build

Hi this is the first time I make a project on UE4. I have a TV blueprint with a Media Texture that plays and pauses whenever the player hits a key near it. It was working fine in the editor, it played with video and sound. But when I packaged my game (win32bit, shipping build) the video plays as expected but it has no sound. I don’t know if I’m setting it up wrong or if it’s a bug within UE4 Media Player.

Thanks in advance.


Ah yeah here is a screenshot of the blueprint for playing and stopping video and sound.

I figured it out. I couldn’t make it work like that. I read there are some issues with sound and Media Player. So I separated my video file (as mp4) and my audio file (as wav). The only issue was that there is no PAUSE for audio so I just had to do a home made PAUSE add it to the blueprint along with the video play/pause and that was it.