Mechanic Replication - YouTube Tutorial Series Idea

Ever look at a game and been like: ‘Woah, how’d they do that?’
Well this series is for you.

Hey there, I’m Litruv.

I’m a 3D artist and Programmer hybrid that has been to a games development school in Canberra and Melbourne for the past 5 years, doing both 3D art, animation and programming, to top it off taking the incubator course at AIE, running my own indie company.

I’m here to start up a weekly (possibly more) YouTube series on how to make certain existing game mechanics and materials.

I’m wanting to take a couple suggestions to see what you guys would like to see in these particular videos.

Throughout an mechanic episode I will be

  • Talking about the game.
  • Talking about how the mechanic takes place.
  • Talking about it on a technical level.
  • Stepping through how to make the mechanic in UE4.

And similarly on a material episode

  • Talking about the game.
  • Showing where the material is / What is looks like + does.
  • Stepping through how to make the material in UE4.

I will be uploading my completed tutorial files after each video also.

Any suggestions to what game mechanics/materials you might like to see replicated would be appreciated.

Pretty much that’s the show for now until I start recording.

Ta-ta for now!

This is very cool of you. If I could make a suggestion? How about dialogue wheels?


Like in modern RPGs like Mass Effect and The Walking Dead.

They’re not very flashy, but I’m pretty interested in meat-and-potatoes game mechanics right now. If you have any experience with a system like this and are willing to share, that would be fantastic.

That could actually be a little fun to do, I do actually have a little experience with some dialogue trees in other engines but yet to go for Unreal.

I’ll get on it tonight :smiley:

Man, that would be so awesome! Subscribed the tread. Can’t wait! :smiley:

thats cool
i would love to see how the UMGs widgets works in the multiplayer