measuring dimensions quickly?

Is there a good way of measuring dimensions quickly.

I’m trying to find out how large space is within my map, is there a quick way of doing this as I’ve imported a mesh and all I can get are “scale” values and I’m trying to convert these into metres?

Would appreciate some help!

If you’re in one of the orthogonal views, you can hold down middle/scroll click and drag to see measurements in UE4 units - which afaik, 1 unreal unit = 1cm

thank you for that!

You can also put together blueprints that help you measure if you need quicker or more complicated measurements.

Thanks for that, what do these look like?

Lets say you want to drop in a blueprint to measure the distance from one wall to another.

Do a line trace in -x and x, get the length from impact point to impact point.

You could then move the actor around or rotate it and get various distances.

I could throw together a few examples when I get home later.

Here’s that blueprint I mentioned.

Things you could add:

Convert the units to meters by multiplying 0.01

Create custom movable end points

Put the length result on the arrow

Add area measurements with length, width, and square meters

Many thanks, much appreciated!

would you please so kinf to copy it in a *.txt file tht it’s possible for the community to paste it!? Or is that not possible like it is for materials?
Thank you in advance for that.

Here ya go.

Here’s is a version that measures height, width, length, and sq meters all at once, but only for a box shaped area.

very useful

thank you very much - appreciate it

how do i use this txt ? just started with UE4 , and im trying to make my house my frist project lol cant find a way to measure, some free assets are way to big others small and i need help to make the flor and wals on the same size . thanks