Maya - UE4 - Pipeline

Hi there,

I just started to learn 3D modelling with Autodesk’s Maya on Pluralsight a few weeks ago.
Could a 3D-Artist or UE-Allrounder-Pro could tell me what to do during the 3D character creation process and what are the ‘goals’?

I’m looking forward to create low poly characters for indie games (see links below for references).
Is it possible to finish the game ready character only in Maya?
How to paint/texture characters like in my links? Only normal materials?
The links:

Subscribe to Mike Hermes immediately on Youtube. He doesn’t waste time, and you can pick up maya quickly. For character creation like that I would use sculpting tools in maya. If you make a basic low poly character, and move the foam tool over the vertex you’ll see that section inflate. It helps to triangulate your model under mesh display. when making a low poly.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!