MAYA LT: Will it create skeletons for animations and Rigs for Unreal 4 engine?

MAYA LT is like MAYA “lite”

It’s a LOT cheaper and I was wondering since I really only need it for the skeletons for animations and rigs and so fourth, can I just use MAYA LT??

Please advise…


Yes you can, you lose a few tools but the basic stuff is there, I dont use any of the features that are lost with LT but yet again I’m not very advanced in what I do just some simple rigging and animation.

I think for the Unreal pipeline the greater loss is the not support of Python and therefore you cannot take advantage of the ART tool (for animation and rigging). I’m currently trying to know th best way to do rigging pipeline from Maya LT to Unreal.

If you build a flexible modular rig system once you might be able to just pose the live rig to any biped character using a special set of usually hidden module controls. Once its posed, those get hidden again and you animated with the actual rig controls. In case you wanna kickstart your own rigging, the best way is to look at these: