Maya HumanIK Unreal 4.10 not working, works in v4.9 though

Very new to Unreal I’ll start with that but not new to animating in Maya, using and building cntrl rigs working with many different render systems. I want to animate in a more or less look development environment that UR appears to provide readily. So here’s my problem. Downloaded v4.10 initially to give it a try. I generated simple anim using Hik, baked to skeleton, exported selection to fbx to import into UR as skeleton animation to a mesh already in UR, same bones and hierarchy. CRASH! The UR editor crashes upon import when using Hik everytime. If I generate a simple anim with just FK no probs only when using Hik. I created a standard control rig for the legs to animate the legs for testing, same export sequence and crash. So I gave up. Next day loaded up v4.9.2 since i know this can be the case upon upgrades and such especially for maya and everything worked like a charm. It’s great. I don’t even have to bake from my cntrl rig to skeleton just export my bone hierarchy selection after animation to fbx and imports just fine into UR 4.9. So what gives? Can I expect maya anim export issues to be addressed in 4.11 or later? Any ideas?

Hey man while I dont work with HIK I also experienced some issues with 4.10 breaking animation on custom skeletons. They have 4.11 beta out now and it seems that my issue has been solved, you might wanna give it a go.
Or post this on the answersHub with some additional info, if youre lucky you can get it filed as a bug and fixed within a few releases, if youre unlucky you find out you had some wired settings :wink:

Thanks that works.