Maya FBX to UE4... Scratching my head


I am running into some issues when importing UE4 assets (exported from Maya 2018/FBX Version 2018 Binary).

a) automatic material assignment (materials in maya named as existing materials in UE4) only works if the materials reside in EXACTLY the same folder
where the asset is importer to. (option for searching root, parent etc. does not seem to work)

b) exporting groups from maya causes problems if the exported group is instanced, resulting in duplicated geometry. (the original was exported here, input connections for FBX export was turned off)

c) objects with materials with input texture in maya will not show up in UE4

Am I missing something here?

MAYA FBX to UE4 should be a fairly common workflow. Please point me in the right direction, will file bug reports if necessary.

Hey! Not quite sure what you mean with a) and b) but I think I can help you with c). You would have to import the mesh separate from the texture, as in the texture does not export with the FBX file from maya. Just drag and drop the texture file into unreal and plug it in inside the material.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply. Forget about c) I cannot reproduce it now. Occasionally meshes did not show up in UE and this looked to be due to textures connected to ther maya material.