Maya animation import trouble

A friend and I have been dabbling with UE4 just to see what we can do, after following some tutorials (he primarily did this, all I did was rig) we tried to import the model into UE4. It worked fine, he then animated an exported the animation as an .fbx file, this didn’t work at first, but somehow we managed to get an idle animation working in UE4, but when he tried with a walking animation the model just stands still, the idle animation still works, but not the walking one.

We’re pretty much clueless with where the problem lies, is something wrong with the filetype? Is it the rig? error in exporting?

Whenever I try to upload the .ma or .fbx it tells me it is an invalid file so I’ve uploaded the files to mediafire as a .rar

Could somebody take a look and help us out?

Thanks in advance.

You need to bake your keyframes, all keys are only set on your ik handles and need to be baked to the joints. They can be baked by selecting the root joint and running the command

select -hi;

which selects the entire hierarchy, then go to Edit>Keys>Bake Simulation. The problem isn’t the filetype. As far as the idle animation, it has keyframes on the joints, but only 3. Generally it is a good idea to bake your full animation due to blending issues that come up in the future. Anyways since your character is a humanoid type you should learn HumanIK and the Epic Animation Tools.