Matinee sequence is not playing audio correctly, stuttering it

Hey everyone.

I haven’t used Matinee since the UDK days, so I am a bit knowledgeable when it comes to that aspect of UE4.

I wanted to make a cutscene for my game, and set it up how I used to. I added a sound track and put in my music. Problem is, is that it is stuttering when it plays back, messing up all the timing.

Here is a vid of it in action:


Anyone have an idea on what is going on?

I have this problem now and then as well. But instead of the music it was a sound for me. I used a crash sound cue that was already in UE4 and when it played in my cutscene all sounds did that stutter. BUT I found a royalty free sound and converted it from mp3 to a .wav and replaced the default sound cue with the one I found and everything played the way they should, no stutter. My guess could be the quality of the sound. Possibly the volume. I’m still trying to pin point the problem. Is the music track yours or was it one by default in the engine?

The track is a custom one, not a default engine one. It was originally an mp3 but I converted it to a wav.

Perhaps it is too high quality for unreal to run in real time?

I lowered the quality of the track and it runs fine now :U

Of course now the quality doesn’t sound great, but since I’m just cutting a trailer I can overlay a high quality version in post.

Hope this helps!

Now we know what causes the problem