Matinee Recording Bugginess?

Hey Everyone!

Just getting started trying to record Matinees for offline viewing, and I’m getting stumped. I’m not sure where else to post this. Here’s my process so far:

  1. Create a new matinee
  2. Set Camera position, and create a new camera group
  3. Set keyframes for camera position on the movement track of the camera
  4. Create new director group.
  5. Hit Enter to add the camera group to the director group
  6. In the Matinee properties, make sure that “Play on Level Load” is checked (many times this doesn’t work, so…)
  7. In the level blueprint, add “Event Begin Play” wire it to the “Play” event, with the matinee actor the target.
  8. Go back to the matinee editor, and click on “Movie” and choose “AVI”, “1280x720”, and “30” fps, along with “Turn on Cinematic Mode” with all options checked except for “Disable Texture Streaming”.
  9. Hit “Ok”

At this point, the game loads up, and appears to play the matinee and capture it. However, it only captures about 10% of the time. If I adjust the timing of the keyframes, then record again, it all goes through, but there is nothing saved to \ProjectName\Saved\VideoCaptures. In fact, if I change to “PNG Image Sequence” or anything else, it will play the matinee, but no images will show up in \ProjectName\Saved\Screenshots either.

I assume that I am doing something wrong. If anyone has some recommendations as to what is happening to cause the capture to fail time and time again, I’d love to hear! I also think that there could definitely be some improvements made in the matinee workflow. It seems like all the pieces are there, but the process is just overly complicated. I’d love to discuss this further with those interested. Thanks for the help!

Barry Zundel

Can you post a screenshot of your Matinee please?

Enabling Play on Level Load should work so i dont know what could be the problem there. Also make sure you have enough space in your HDD(or SSD) since Matinee outputs are uncompressed the filesize gets bigger as you record, and Matinee stops recording when you run out of space.

I’ve got more than enough space (1TB free), so it’s something else.
Here’s a screen shot of the Matinee and the Level Blueprint:

Hope that helps.

Have you tried recording a sequence with Matinee in another level or project? Matinee looks fine so maybe there is something else interfering in the level BP or one of the BP’s in your level.

I’ll try it on another project, since this is the only level I have in this project. I’ll post the status after I do. Thanks.

Looks like it must be the project or level. I went to another project, set up a matinee, and it recorded just fine. If there is something in the level BP or another BP, what would be interfering?


Would it have anything to do with the fact that my project is not located in MyDocments/Unreal Projects? I have my project located on a different drive where there is plenty of space.

No, it wouldnt affect this. I guess you’ll have to go through your blueprints and the level BP step by step until you find what is interrupting Matinee. I cant think of a simpler solution right now. :\

What does the website capturers node do?