Matinee - re-time Camera in Director Track

Hey all, wondering if there’s a way to offset or re-time a camera in Matinee. Like this:



For example, if I have events happen linearly over 1000 frames, and camera 1 covers frames 1-600 like normal, but I want to then take camera 2 and have it pick up from frame 400 - 1000. Is this possible? I haven’t been able to find anything about it online or in the documentation.


Hi. I just started with matinee and had several problems adapting, one of them was this.

Finally, I found the solution: select the key in a scene in the director, go to the menu and press ‘edit’, after that, ‘Insert Space’ and add the necesary seconds. That way, all keys from affected scenes will be moved automatically.

See you!